The Leventhal Map & Education Center’s Small Grants Fund for Early Career Digital Publications supports scholars through the process of producing a publication for general audiences in a digital format. The program is designed to catalyze creative projects which utilize a digital medium to present scholarly work through engaging, accessible, and experimental communicative modalities.

The grant consists of a stipend of $1,200 to support research and development time, together with institutional research and technical support from LMEC staff through the stages of the digital publication process. Projects may be conducted by scholars working both inside and outside of the academy on all topics related to geography, maps, history, and the humanistic spatial social sciences, either individually or in a group (though the stipend amount is fixed regardless of the number of scholars involved in the project). The primary author of the publication should be an early career scholar. Digital publications produced through these grants will be published and hosted by LMEC on one or more of its digital portals, though projects will be licensed on a Creative Commons license and further publication, in digital or print formats, is not precluded by receipt of a grant. Projects may be conducted remotely, and grant recipients are not required to plan any in-person project time in Boston.

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