Ox-Bow’s residency programs offers artists and writers, at various stages in their career, the time, space, and community to encourage growth and experimentation in their practice. There are number of residency models, each with a unique take on how artists come together in community to share, build new skills, dive into critical conversations, and spend focused time on making.

Summer Fellowship Program

Each summer, Ox-Bow offers fellowship students from competitive schools all over the nation a fully funded opportunity to focus on their work, meet with renowned artists, and grow as members of this unique community. The Fellows live on campus for 13 weeks, where in addition to providing support labor to an arts non-profit will participate in all areas of campus life.

Current MFA students are encouraged to apply.

Summer Residency

Ox-Bow’s Summer Residency Program offers 12 artists the time, space, and community to encourage growth and experimentation in their practice for three weeks on campus. The Summer Residencies are held while our core classes and community programs are in session. During this time, a small group of residents have access to Ox-Bow’s artist community of students, faculty, and visiting artists. Our Summer Residencies are open to artists at any level.

Currently enrolled students, MFA candidates, arts faculty, emerging, or established artists are encouraged to apply.

Conversations in Practice

Conversations In Practice is a virtual program that brings together small groups of interdisciplinary artists to facilitate studio progress through critical discussion. Participants and faculty moderators will foster connection through the sharing of work, ideas, and conversation. Four-week seminars offer artists extended time to connect with peers and faculty, to share work, to potentially reinvigorate their practice, and receive meaningful feedback all from their home studio.


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