The Pozen Center awards up to three lectureships per academic year to advanced doctoral students, each of whom teaches one undergraduate Human Rights course of their design. Applications are due every February, with lectureships awarded in late March.

Lectureships are awarded for one quarter during the following academic year. The proposed course should address human rights from a disciplinary, thematic, or regional perspective.

We don’t require that every Human Rights course deal explicitly with international human rights norms or mechanisms. On the other hand, not every course about morality, ethics, human suffering, marginalization, exclusion, or discrimination is within the framework of human rights. The selection committee has occasionally worked with strong applicants to develop more human rights content for their syllabus.

Graduate lecturers generally receive an award of $2000. This amount may be higher depending on your Division. Lecturers may hold office hours and use office space at the Pozen Center.


This opportunity is only open to UChicago doctoral students. Doctoral students under the new funding model must check with their department to ensure they are eligible to apply.


March 25, 2024

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