The Renate Voris Fellowship is awarded annually to a graduate student in the Arts and Humanities at the University of Virginia or elsewhere. Its purpose is to recognize and honor a doctoral candidate during the first or second year of her or his dissertation work. The research must include the intellectual and artistic products of women thinkers, writers, and artists–in philosophy, including Jewish Studies, literature, including the dramatic arts, cinema, art, architecture, or music. Eligible candidates may be of any gender, pursuing a Ph.D. in these disciplines within the Arts and Humanities.

The Fellowship Award shall be based on merit and not on financial need and shall not replace, but be in addition to, the financial support the qualifying student receives during the first or second year of dissertation work from the graduate school and department of the respective university.

The minimum award shall be no less than ten thousand dollars ($10,000) and no more than fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000). Each stipend awarded shall be used for travel, archival research, and other needs of a doctoral candidate. A minimum of one doctoral student and a maximum of two doctoral students shall be selected as recipients of fellowship awards each year. The selection shall be made by the Advisory Committee to the Foundation. The exact amount of each of the Fellowships shall be determined by Robert Huff, President of the Foundation.

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