The knowledge economy, in its broadest sense, is profoundly changing our society in every aspect at a speed never seen before in human history. In particular we are going through a phase of technological transition, which arises from the possibility to access shared computational resources unimaginable until some time ago (Cloud Computing and in perspective Quantum computing), from the availability of a very large amount of data, produced by an increasing number of intelligent connected objects (Big Data & Internet of Things) and the rapid development of advanced techniques and methodologies of data analysis (Machine Learning & Deep Learning ) and Artificial Intelligence.

The Dompe Foundation ETS has chosen to be an active player in this change, starting with the scientific training of young people. Without talent there can be no competitiveness and innovation.

The Foundation has allocated funds to support:

  • A Master’s degree course or research fellowship in neuroscience and/or neurobiology, for a maximum duration of two years;
  • A Doctoral degree (PhD) in neuroscience and/or neurobiology for a maximum duration of three years.

Each scholarship will have the value of$ 25,000.00 per year, for a maximum of three years and will be named after Prof. Rita Levi Montalcini.


Eligible students must already be admitted to a Master’s, PhD or research fellowship in neuroscience and/or neurobiology at a U.S. university

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