The Equity Scholars Program supports advanced doctoral students, postdocs, and early career professionals in a rigorous social science research project that will expand their ability to conduct inclusive and equitable (I&E) research, including culturally responsive research and evaluation. Each Equity Scholar will receive a total of $8,000 for this 8-month engagement, starting in November 2023 and ending in June 2024. The estimated time commitment is approximately one day per week.


To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a doctoral program (i.e., students in their third year or higher of a PhD, PsyD, EdD, ScD, DrPH program), a postdoctoral student, or an early career scholar (up to five years postdoctoral experience).
  • Have a strong documented interest in researching topics related to diversity, disparities, equity, and inclusion.
  • NORC encourages all people who are qualified to apply. Applicants need not be U.S. citizens.


October 31, 2023

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