SPSSI’s Researchers in the Global South (RGS Grants Program) is a unique funding opportunity for international members of SPSSI conducting research on social issues outside of the United States. The funding is modeled after SPSSI’s long standing Grants-in-Aid program. SPSSI’s Internationalization Committee has developed the program especially to support scientific research on social issues in the Global South and Majority World settings (e.g., Africa, Latin America, Asia, and southern and eastern Europe). The Committee welcomes proposals involving (a) unique and timely research opportunities, (b) underrepresented institutions, graduate students, and junior scholars, (c) volunteer research teams, and (d) actual, not pilot, projects. Funds may be used for various research activities, but are not available for the indirect costs of institutions.

Funding up to $1000 is available for graduate student research. In the case of graduate students, strong preference is given to applications from students at the dissertation stage of their career. Funding up to $2000 is available for research by SPSSI members who already have a Ph.D. Applicants can be at any stage of their academic work at any type of institution. However, in case of proposals of comparable quality, preference is given to applications from scholars working in circumstances where research support is limited. Documentation of submission to the applicant’s Institution IRB (or equivalent research compliance board) must accompany every submission. In countries where there is no IRB equivalent, applicants must include a statement explaining the steps that will be taken to ensure responsible and ethical research practices. In exceptional circumstances the amount may exceed $2000. The usual grant from SPSSI is for up to $2000 for post-doctoral work and up to $1000 for pre-doctoral work.

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