The objectives of the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE) are the promotion of the study of organic evolution and the integration of the various fields of science concerned with evolution. The GREG (Graduate Research Excellence Grant) Rosemary Grant Advanced Awards are to assist students in the later stages of their PhD programs.


Funds can be used to enhance the scope of dissertation research, such as to conduct additional experiments or field work. Awards up to $3500.


Only advanced PhD students whose defense date is more than 12 months from the proposal due date are eligible. Advanced PhD students are defined as:

  • 3rd year or beyond in a >4-year doctoral degree program (=”post candidacy”)
  • 2nd year of a 3- to 4-year doctoral degree program
  • Other (explanation required in the letter from your thesis advisor or graduate director for what makes you eligible for the “advanced” award)

Applicants must also be members of SSE.

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