These grants are to support collaborative inter-university cutting-edge research for students with top academic credentials studying towards an engineering degree (with engineering understood as to include environmental engineering and involving the use of scientific principles for the design, construction or production of physical or virtual structures or systems to implement an application*), or towards a degree in all medieval disciplines, as well as towards a degree in digital humanities at the intersection of medieval disciplines and computer or data science. The grant aims to encourage research collaboration between two universities that must be located in two different countries, namely the home university of the candidate and a hosting university or research institute, with one of the two being situated and governed in Switzerland. The grant will contribute to cover local living costs of the candidate while she/he is visiting in person for the entire period the hosting university or research institute exclusively, together with travel costs corresponding to a low-fare economy-class return airfare/train ticket from the home university to the hosting university.

Annual Deadlines

May 1st and November 1st

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