Academic Exchange FAQs

How do I begin the process of applying to one of the Exchange programs?

Discuss the opportunity with your academic adviser. All students interested in participating in the Exchange must submit a completed application to GRAD Exchange before the start of the academic term. For each participating institution, you will be able to see the eligibility requirements, application information, and instructions for completing an application.

How do I request my transcript from the host university?

Once the course is completed at the host institution and a grade is assigned, the official transcript will be provided to the University of Chicago by the host university. All credits earned by the Exchange students are accepted by University of Chicago for the equivalent level credit upon receipt of grade reports or transcripts from the host university.

How do I formally withdraw from a course through the Exchange program if I have already been approved?

Students who decide to drop a course at a host institution should consult with the host school contact to determine if a course drop is allowed. If permitted, make a formal request to the host institution to drop the course. Notify the GRAD Exchange team that the course at the host institution has been dropped (only after the drop is confirmed by the host institution).

Are Master's students eligible to participate in the Exchange program?

The Exchange programs are intended for doctoral students studying at the University of Chicago or at one of our partner institutions.

Is auditing a class permitted through any of the Exchange programs?

No, all of our Exchange programs are intended for students who are taking courses for credit. However, a pass/fail grade may be arranged pending approval from the course instructor. Students who wish to audit courses or take non-credit courses will be subject to tuition fees and other associated costs.

Can I participate if the university is not listed as a partner institution?

Our Exchange programs are open only to current UChicago students and visiting students from our partner institutions. If your university is not listed as a partner institution, you are not permitted to participate in any of the academic exchange programs supported by our office.