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Fellowship Deadline Internal
UChicago Global Travel Grant to Hong Kong Spring Quarter (April-June) April 1, 2024
P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship (IPS) Fund for Women Fall Quarter (September-December)
Just Tech Fellowship Winter Quarter (January-March)
Margaret McNamara Education Grants Winter Quarter (January-March)
Leifur EirĂ­ksson Foundation Fellowships Fall Quarter (September-December)
Smith Richardson Foundation Strategy and Policy Fellowship Spring Quarter (April-June)
Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE) Environmental Fellows Program Winter Quarter (January-March)
Baer Reintegration Scholarship for Students with Mental Illness Winter Quarter (January-March)
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) Researches in the Global South Grants Program Fall Quarter (September-December)
Spring Quarter (April-June)
Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) Hogan Foreign Language Fellowship Fall Quarter (September-December)
Department of State Pickering Fellowship for Foreign Service Fall Quarter (September-December)
Association of Centers for the Study of Congress (ACSC) Research Grants Spring Quarter (April-June)
Urban Innovation Grants for Student Organizations Rolling Rolling
Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship Spring Quarter (April-June)
Existential Risk Laboratory (XLab) Summer Research Fellowship Winter Quarter (January-March) March 15th, 2024
Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) Congressional Fellowship Winter Quarter (January-March)
American Council of the Blind (ACB) Scholarship Program Winter Quarter (January-March)
American Psychological Association (APA) Early Graduate Student Researcher Award Fall Quarter (September-December)
American Institute of Afghanistan Studies (AIAS) Research Fellowship Spring Quarter (April-June)
Humanity in Action (HIA) Landecker Democracy Fellowship Summer Quarter (July-August)
American Council on Germany (ACG) McCloy Fellowships on Global Trends Spring Quarter (April-June)
Institute of Politics (IOP) Policy Challenge Fall Quarter (September-December)
Winter Quarter (January-March)
March 4, 2024
Development Economics Research Fund Winter Quarter (January-March) January 15, 2024
Weiss Fund for Research in Development Economics Implementation and Policy Grants Rolling Rolling
Weiss Fund for Research in Development Economics Travel and Piloting Grants Rolling Rolling
Weiss Fund for Research in Development Economics Research Grants Fall Quarter (September-December)
Summer Quarter (July-August)
August 2024
UChicago Mental Health Fund Fall Quarter (September-December)
Winter Quarter (January-March)
February 24, 2024
Institute of Politics (IOP) Hometown Internships Program Winter Quarter (January-March) February 4, 2024
UChicago Green Fund Fall Quarter (September-December)
Winter Quarter (January-March)
February 2, 2024
Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS) Graduate Student Research Fund Spring Quarter (April-June) April 1, 2024