Program List

Program Master's PhD Unit
Accounting   PhD Booth
Analytics (MScA) MS   Graham
Anthropology MAPSS PhD SSD
Art History MAPH PhD Hum
Astronomy and Astrophysics MSPSD PhD PSD
Behavioral Science   PhD Booth
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology   PhD BSD
Biomedical Informatics (MScBMI) MS   Graham
Biophysical Sciences   PhD PSD
Business MBA PhD Booth
Business Administration (MBA) MBA   Booth
Cancer Biology   PhD BSD
Cellular and Molecular Biology   PhD BSD
Chemistry MSPSD PhD PSD
Cinema and Media Studies MAPH PhD Hum
Classics MAPH PhD Hum
Comparative Human Development (CHD) MAPSS PhD SSD
Comparative Literature MAPH PhD Hum
Computational Analysis & Public Policy (MSCAPP) MS   Harris
Computational & Applied Mathematics   PhD PSD
Computational Neuroscience   PhD BSD
Computer Science MS PhD PSD
Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science (CHSS)   PhD SSD
Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology   PhD BSD
East Asian Languages and Civilizations MAPH PhD Hum
Ecology and Evolution (E&E)   PhD BSD
Econometrics and Statistics   PhD Booth
Economics   PhD SSD
Economics   PhD Booth
English Language and Literature MAPH PhD Hum
Environmental Science and Policy (MSESP) MS   Harris
Evening MBA MBA   Booth
Evening Master's in Public Policy @ 1871 MA   Harris
Evolutionary Biology   PhD BSD
Executive MBA MBA   Booth
Finance   PhD Booth
Financial Mathematics MS   PSD
Full-Time MBA MBA   Booth
Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology   PhD BSD
Geophysical Sciences MSPSD PhD PSD
Germanic Studies MAPH PhD Hum
Human Genetics   PhD BSD
Humanities (MAPH) MA   Hum
Immunology   PhD BSD
Integrative Biology   PhD BSD
Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program   MD/PhD BSD
International Relations MA   SSD
Latin American & Caribbean Studies MA   SSD, Hum
Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence (JSD)   JSD Law
Law, Juris Doctor (JD)   JD Law
Linguistics MAPH PhD Hum
Management Science/Operations Management   PhD Booth
Marketing   PhD Booth
Master of Divinity MDiv   Divinity
Master of Laws Program LLM   Law
Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) MA   Graham
Mathematics MSPSD PhD PSD
Medical Physics   PhD BSD
Medicine   MD Pritzker
Microbiology   PhD BSD
Middle Eastern Studies MA   SSD, Hum
Molecular Engineering   PhD IME
Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition   PhD BSD
Music MAPH PhD Hum
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations MAPH PhD Hum
Neurobiology   PhD BSD
Organizations and Markets   PhD Booth
Philosophy MAPH PhD Hum
Physical Sciences MS   PSD
Physics MSPSD, Physics Bridge PhD PSD
Political Science MAPSS PhD SSD
Psychology MAPSS PhD SSD
Public Health Sciences   PhD BSD
Public Policy MA, MPP PhD Harris
Public Policy - Computational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP) MS   Harris
Public Policy with Certificate in Research Methods (MACRM) MA   Harris
Public Policy - Evening Master's Program @ 1871 (Part Time MA) MA   Harris
Religious Studies MA, AMRS, MDiv PhD Divinity
Romance Languages and Literatures MAPH PhD Hum
Social Sciences (MAPSS) MA   SSD
Social Service Administration (Social Work) MA PhD SSA
Social Thought   PhD SSD
Sociology MAPSS PhD SSD
South Asian Languages and Civilizations MAPH PhD Hum
Statistics MS PhD PSD
Theater and Performance Studies (TAPS) MAPH PhD (Joint only) Hum
Threat and Response Management (MScTRM) MS   Graham
Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) MAT   Graham
Visual Arts MFA   Hum
Weekend MBA MBA   Booth