Exploring Fellowship Opportunities for Masters’ Students (with Tobias)

This session is intended for Masters students interested in exploring fellowship opportunities. The session will provide an overview of different types of fellowships, resources to search for and identify fellowship opportunities, and timing and strategies for approaching fellowship applications.

As most fellowship application deadlines fall 9-12 months prior to the start of the fellowship, this session will not provide information about funding opportunities to cover educational expenses for this year. Rather, the focus will be on fellowship opportunities for next year and beyond, including opportunities to fund post-Masters international or professional experiences, language study, or educational fellowships beginning in the 2022-23 academic year or later.

The session will also highlight key fellowships that are available for Masters students, and the resources available through UChicagoGRAD to support fellowship applicants. Questions? Contact Tobias Scheunchen at scheunchen@uchicago.edu

The Zoom link for the event is here: https://uchicago.zoom.us/j/94857860497?pwd=Z3Y3MWo4Zm5qN3RvTnZ4d1Zpa1V0dz09