The American Musicological Society makes available three funded dissertation-year fellowships each year. Any student registered in good standing for a doctorate at a North American university who has completed all formal degree requirements except the dissertation at the time of full application is eligible to apply. The fellowships are not intended for support of the early stages of research: it is expected that a fellow’s dissertation will be completed within the fellowship year.

Any submission for a doctoral degree in which the emphasis is on musical scholarship will be eligible.

AHJ AMS 50 Fellowships are awarded solely on the basis of academic merit. Fellows receive a twelve-month stipend, currently set at $24,000. They may also elect to accept the award on a non-stipendiary basis (thus freeing scarce resources for others). The fellowships are intended for full-time study. An equivalent major award from another source may not be held concurrently or consecutively unless the AMS award is accepted without a stipend. Fellowships are for one year and are not deferable or renewable; Fellows are expected to focus on completing their dissertations and not to undertake more than twenty (20) hours each week of paid or unpaid employment during the fellowship term. There are no provisions for the payment of tuition.

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