This grant supports Ph.D. students studying at universities in the US or Canada who require language training to pursue their Bach-related scholarship (e.g., through the Middlebury Language Schools, the Goethe Institute in the US or Germany, or a comparable institution). Training in reading German script may also be supported, for example through the German Script Course at the Moravian Archives.

Applicants should send a letter of intent (outlining plans for the doctoral dissertation and the need for language training), a proposed budget, a curriculum vitae, a letter of support from a faculty advisor, and relevant information about the language training institution and course. If need-based or merit-based financial aid is available from a student’s home university or from the language training institution, applicants to the ABS fund are expected to demonstrate that they have applied for these funds as well. In such cases, the Language Training Fund can supplement other sources of financial aid.

Students may apply for tuition support as well as funding to cover ancillary costs (e.g., travel, housing, etc.). The overall award for a single application is not to exceed $6,000.

Awards are made on a rolling basis until the year’s funds are depleted.

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