The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers year-long fellowships of up to $23,000 and short term (1-3 months) fellowships of up to $5,000 to graduate students (preferably conducting dissertation research) and academic professionals interested in pursuing research or creative-arts projects in the Nordic region (Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sámpi, and Sweden). The awards support project-related costs, including roundtrip airfare, room and board in the Nordic region, in-country travel, tuition and fees (where applicable), and materials (e.g., books, photocopying, art supplies).

Priority is given to candidates at the graduate level for dissertation-related research. The number of awards varies each year according to total funds available. Awards are made in all fields.

Applicants must be United States citizens or permanent residents.

ASF considers it desirable that all candidates have at least some ability in the language of the host country, unless your project does not require the use of a Nordic language. For projects that require a command of one or more Nordic (or other) languages, candidates should defer application until they have the necessary proficiency.

Application deadline: November 1

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