Short or long term grants in support of college, graduate studies, or technical training for Northern Alaska Iñupiat Natives. The goal of the foundation is to train Iñupiat students to enter the professional workforce prepared for any job, especially those common to the North Slope region. AEF funds all applicants who meet eligibility requirements and need financial assistance. Scholarship amounts are based on financial need.

Graduate students can receive up to a $21,500 yearly limit in support. What is awarded is based on financial need.

Scholarship applications must be received on or before the following deadlines:

  • Aug 1 (Fall Semester/Quarter)
  • Dec 1 (Spring Semester/Winter Quarter)
  • Mar 1 (Spring Quarter) or
  • May 1 (Summer Semester/Quarter)


  • You must be a member of at least one of the eligible classes of recipients
    • A Northern Alaska Inupiat Native of at least ¼ blood quantum currently residing in the Arctic Slope Region
    • An original 1971 shareholder of the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
    • A direct lineal descendant of an original 1971 shareholder of the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
  • You must be a United States citizen and a United States resident
  • You must be accepted as a Post-secondary education student for either:
    • an undergraduate, graduate or professional degree through an accredited U.S. college or university; or
    • for technical or vocational training through a qualified U.S. vocational or technical institution or program (including qualified training programs sponsored by industry standard manufacturing firms such as Novell or Microsoft)

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