• Living Stipend
  • Inbound and Outbound Transportation

The SCGSR program does not provide additional support for supplies, materials, or travel while conducting the SCGSR research project at the host DOE laboratory/facility during the award period.

Living Stipend

Awardees are eligible to receive a monthly stipend in the amount of up to $3,600 for general living expenses while at the host DOE laboratory/facility during the award period. The actual monthly stipend amount will be based on an assessment of the individual’s situation, with factors under consideration including, but not limited to: duration of proposed research, location of home residence, and concurrent federal funding (Under normal circumstances, awardees will receive the maximum monthly stipend). Stipends are provided directly to the awardees through direct-deposit to the awardee’s designated bank account.

Inbound and Outbound Transportation

Awardees are eligible to be reimbursed for their in-bound and out-bound travel expenses to the host DOE laboratory/facility. Awardees are eligible for travel reimbursement only if the host DOE national laboratory/facility is greater than 50 miles from their home graduate institution. The reimbursement applies to transportation costs only (i.e. not other relocation costs) and is limited to a total travel benefit of up to $2,000 per award.

  • In-bound travel: refers to transportation from awardees’ home graduate institution to the host DOE laboratory/facility at the beginning of the award term.
  • Out-bound travel: refers to transportation from the host DOE Laboratory/Facility back to awardees’ home graduate institution at the end of the award term.