Education Pioneers launches and advances the careers of professionals who are eager to discover opportunities to use expertise in data, operations, policy, and more to make a difference for students and families from outside the classroom. As a Fellow, you’ll be embedded at a school district, charter management organization, nonprofit, government agency, or other organization committed to transforming education.

The Fellowship’s summer track is a 10-week summer experience that exposes you to high-potential career paths and the impact you could make as an education leader. The Fellowship’s impact track is a 10-month long fellowship that serves as an on-ramp to meaningful full-time jobs and long-term roles at leading organizations throughout the education sector.

During your placement, you’ll apply your existing skills and knowledge in data and project management to support an education organization’s work on behalf of students and communities. Imagine yourself helping an education organization make critical progress towards achieving their mission, expanding its reach, or tackling other important work it couldn’t take on otherwise.

Applicants must have two years of full time, professional work experience, which excludes undergraduate or graduate internships OR current enrollment in or completion of a graduate degree program. Applicants must also have authorization to work in the U.S on a full-time basis for the entire program (international students eligible only if visa assistance is not required).

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