The Explorers Club is proud of its history but also looks toward the future by recognizing the importance of new ideas and avenues of exploration. The Club is deeply committed to supporting the fieldwork of serious researchers and, as part of its public service commitment, offers exploration grants in the following categories.

The Club offers grants for Graduate Students and Immediate Post-Docs. This category of grant supports exploration and field research for those who are just beginning their research careers. Awards range from approximately $2,500 to $5,000.

Generally The Explorers Club considers research proposals in a wide array of disciplines, including:

• Climate Change, Geoscience, Paleoclimate (i.e. Early Earth, Tectonics, Volcanism, Paleontology, Glaciology, Geophysics, Astronomy)
• Marine Science, Marine Biology, Marine Life, Fish, Coral, Ocean, Fresh Water, Rivers, Lakes, Estuaries
• Anthropology/Archeology
• Plants and Molds
• Animals
• Conservation Science​

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