The aim of the Gen Foundation is to enhance the importance of cross-cultures between Japan and the rest of the world in today’s global society. The Foundation is supporting those who excel in the areas of natural sciences, in particular food sciences/technology. Since 1998, awards have been granted to over 100 people studying or researching within these fields. The Trustees are all Japanese citizens based in the U.K., but the Foundation considers applications even if there is no link with Japan or the U.K. as long as applicants are studying the relevant subjects.

The amount of each grant is based on the merits of each application, and is set at the Trustees’ discretion.  Previous grants have ranged between £500 – £5,000.


To be eligible for a Gen Foundation grant, an applicant:

  • Must study and/or research in the field of natural sciences, in particular food sciences/technology and
  • Should hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

The Foundation does not support undergraduates, short-term training, conferences, seminars, or thesis writing. Such applications will not be considered.

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