The Gulf Research Program’s Science Policy Fellowship program helps scientists hone their skills by putting them to practice for the benefit of Gulf Coast communities and ecosystems. Fellows gain first-hand experience as they spend one year on the staff of federal, state, local, or non-governmental environmental, natural resource, oil and gas, and public health agencies in the Gulf of Mexico region.

To better prepare scientists, engineers, and health professionals to work at the nexus of oil system safety, environmental protection, and human health in the Gulf region, the Gulf Research Program will administer Science Policy Fellowships. These Science Policy Fellowships will contribute to a suite of leadership development and capacity building activities by facilitating the academic, intellectual, and professional development of individuals who have demonstrated superior scholarship and an interest in public policy. This educational opportunity will provide Fellows with valuable experience at the science-policy interface through a one-year work experience on the staff of a state legislature; state environmental, natural resource, oil and gas, or public health agency; or regional offices of relevant federal agencies.

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