The John Carter Brown Library supports scholarship centered on the history of the colonial Americas, North and South, including all aspects of African, European, and Native American engagements in both global and comparative contexts. The Library contains one of the world’s premier collections of primary materials related to the discovery, exploration, and settlement of the New World to 1825, including books, maps, newspapers, and other printed objects.  Short-term fellowships are available for periods of two to four months and carry a stipend of $2,250 per month.  (Stipend amount will change to $2,500 as of July 1, 2024.)

In response to the unprecedented challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, the John Carter Brown Library offers remote short-term fellowship options for sponsored researchers, and works to create intellectual community as well as research support in this hybrid mode. Short term fellows that are awarded will have the option to choose a residential or a remote fellowship.


Short-term fellowships are open to individuals who are engaged in pre- and post-doctoral, or independent research, regardless of nationality.


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