The Newkirk Fellowship is named in honor of Gordon A. Newkirk Jr., astrophysicist, creator of the High Altitude Observatory (HAO) white-light coronagraph and a former HAO director. Newkirk’s balloon observations laid the groundwork for successful spaceborne experiments by the observatory. This fellowship program has supported graduate research at HAO for decades.

The Newkirk Fellowship provides financial support for research visits to HAO allowing for 3–6 months per year in a single visit. The total supported visit length is 9 months, which can be spread out over up to three years. A visit within one year of program acceptance is mandatory and all visits to HAO must occur while the student is enrolled in a graduate program.


The applicant must be enrolled full time in a university graduate program with a common interest in HAO research goals. Eligible candidates are not required to have already passed their comprehensive exams—Newkirk Fellowships are based on academic excellence, scientific potential, and compatibility of the student’s interests with current HAO research pursuits—HAO Science.

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