Based in the College of the Liberal Arts at Penn State, Richards Civil War Era Center is a scholarly home dedicated to the idea that the Civil War was fundamentally a struggle over the intersections of race, slavery, and democracy. The Center embraces an expansive view of this crucial struggle in American history, encompassing the earliest histories of slavery to the modern struggle for civil rights. Our mission is to center these issues in academic and public understandings of the war, from its causes and conduct to its long-enduring consequences.


The Richard Center invites applications for residential dissertation fellowships in the history of the Civil War Era. This is a limited-term (one-year) fellowship for advanced graduate students who are in the writing stage of their dissertation. During their residency, the fellows will primarily perform their research; they will have no teaching or administrative responsibilities. The fellows will be expected to make progress on their dissertation and to take an active part in the Richards Center and Penn State’s community of researchers.

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