The Society for Asian Music is pleased to announce this year’s small grant program to support research in Asian music. There will be up to two small grants dedicated to full-time graduate students and one additional small grant available for independent scholars and/or contingent faculty who are otherwise ineligible for institutional research funding.

We invite grants applications between $2,000 – $4,000.

Applicants must be full-time graduate students enrolled in North American institutions, and members of the Society for Asian Music at the time that they apply. Grants are to be used for doctoral research, including fieldwork, pre-dissertation research, travel, language study, and other related activities, and may be used to supplement other grants.

Grant proposals will be evaluated on the clarity of research objectives and the proposed budget being reasonable and sufficient to accomplish these objectives. Grantees will be invited to make an oral presentation of their research at the Society for Asian Music Annual Membership Meeting (held in conjunction with the Society for Ethnomusicology annual conference). Presentations are scheduled every other year (alternating with our Keynote Address), so grantees may not present in the actual year of their award. At the end of the award year, however, grantees will be required to provide a report of their research progress, which will be published on the Society’s website.

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