The Society for Ethnomusicology is a U.S.-based organization with an international membership of approximately 1,700 individuals dedicated to the study of all forms of music from diverse humanistic and social scientific perspectives. As a network of scholars, educators, students, musicians, activists, curators, and other professionals that reaches across countries, disciplines, and institutions, SEM serves as an inclusive forum for the exchange of knowledge about the world’s music and for advocacy on behalf of musicians and their communities.

The purpose of the Ida Halpern Fellowship is to help support research on Native American Music of the United States and Canada and to recognize the publication of said research.


Established scholars, recent Ph.D.s, or Ph.D. candidates who have completed all program requirements except dissertation research. Preference will be given to a person planning to do research based on Dr. Halpern’s collection of Northwest Coast music. Once a person has been awarded the fellowship/prize, he or she will not be eligible to reapply for a three-year period to begin at the time the prize is announced.

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