The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Foundation (SIOP) is committed to improving the lives of workers and the functioning of organizations through the science and practice of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

The maximum size of the grant is $10,000.

This annual grant will be given to a graduate student who is conducting a gender-related research project for a master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation, with the intent of assisting the graduate student with completion of the project.

The maximum grant amount for the Hebl Grant is $3,000.

This annual grant will be given to a graduate student who is conducting a master’s thesis (or an equivalent project in cases where there is no formal thesis) or a doctoral dissertation focused on leaders and/or teams in relation to organizational innovation, learning, and/or performance. The research should have a strong connection to practical applications.

The maximum grant amount for the Graen Research Grant is $3,000.

Small Grant Program

The overarching goal of the Small Grant Program is to provide funding for research investigating topics of interest to both academicians and practitioners. Thus, considerable weight will be given to whether the proposal consists of a cooperative effort between academics and practitioners.

The maximum size of the grant is $10,000.

Small Grant program – International Research and Collaboration

The purpose of the SIOP International Research and Collaboration Small Grant program is to support and encourage research of an international or cross-cultural nature. The aim of the IRC Small Grant is to encourage not only international collaborations but collaborations on international research projects (using data from different cultural groups). Proposals can be made in any field of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, as long as the main research topic is approached from an international or cross-cultural lens.

SIOP provides $5,000 to support the IRC Small Grant Program.

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