The William L. Clements Library offers fellowships to help scholars access the Library’s rich primary source collections for research. With the exception of the Townshend, Price, Miller, and Forty-three Foundation Fellowships, all Clements Library fellowships are open to doctoral candidates, faculty, independent researchers, and scholars in public history institutions.


Long-term fellowships require a minimum residency of four months for full-time library research. Fellows will be selected on the basis of the applicant’s scholarly qualifications, the potential significance of the project, and the fit of the proposed research with the collections at the Clements Library. Possible research interests include any topic of American history and culture, as well as topics related to the history and culture of the Great Lakes Region.


Short-term fellowships offer $2,500 and require a minimum residency of one month for full-time library research. Possible research interests include eighteenth and nineteenth American history and culture, Atlantic and Caribbean history, Native American/indigenous American topics, and the study of pre-1900 ephemera.


Week-long fellowships require a one-week minimum residency for full-time library research. Possible research interests include nineteenth-century American history and culture, cartography and any topic supported by the cartographic collections, and American Visual Culture.

Digital Fellowships

Digital Fellowships offer a non-residential opportunity to support researchers working remotely on any topic that can be supported by digitized library materials.


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