Bartlett Research Fellowships (Academic Year and Summer)

EPIC at UChicago offers paid fellowships to Harris Master’s students so they can gain hands-on experience in energy, environment, and climate economics and policy research. Fellowships may take place on a part-time basis during the academic year ($8,250 stipend) or a full-time basis during the summer ($6,500 stipend).

Bartlett Fellows assist EPIC-affiliated faculty with research and data collection, or conduct their own research projects under faculty guidance in the area of energy, environment, and climate economics and policy research. Research will culminate in a final report. EPIC strives to align fellows with their preferred area of research, but cannot guarantee work with any particular faculty member. While research will be the focus of the fellowship, students may also gain experience with grant and proposal writing, communications, and program coordination on an as-needed basis within the Institute. Fellows are invited to participate in seminars and weekly workshops and to attend EPIC-sponsored conferences and events for which they may be asked to draft summary reports.

Summer Internship Funding

As part of the Bartlett Fellowship Program, Harris also awards a limited amount of $6,500 stipends to students pursuing an unpaid internship in the energy, environment, and climate fields during the summer. These fellowships can help to defray living expenses during such internships, offering students the financial freedom to pursue their professional goals.

To qualify for the summer internship stipend, candidates must have an internship secured and verified at the time of the application, and the internship must provide students the opportunity to conduct meaningful work in topics related to energy, environment, and climate. Only summer internship positions are eligible and positions must be a minimum of 10 weeks in duration.


Bartlett Fellowships are open to all currently-enrolled Harris School of Public Policy Master’s students, with an interest in conducting meaningful policy research on topics related to energy, environmental, and climate fields.


March 21, 2024

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