General Information

Check and/or update your address and payment delivery information in Workday for Autumn Quarter as soon as you are able, preferably by August 30.

If you have a teaching/research assistantship or on-campus employment position, your student record must accurately reflect your physical location. Your tax responsibilities may depend on your location. If you have questions on tax responsibilities, please contact


Payment Delivery

If you do not have access to a US bank account, you can receive payment via mailed paper check or by wire transfer via Flywire (see below). It is your responsibility to ensure there is accurate address information in both your portal and Workday before you receive payment. Checks will not be reissued for 10 business days.

  • To US address: If you do not set up direct deposit in the relevant payment system, your payment will be mailed to your physical address on file.
  • To non-US address: Paper checks will only be mailed students to international addresses by special request; contact for more information. Paper checks take between 10 – 180 days to arrive and the University will not reissue a paper check to an international address until this time has passed. We recommend students who are outside the United States plan to receive funds via wire transfer.

If you do not have a US bank account or US address to receive payments, you will have the opportunity to receive your payment via international wire transfer through Flywire. This will incur a fee, taken from the payment itself. More information will be provided when a payment request is received for students who fall into this category.

Why check two systems?


We recommend all graduate students review and update address and delivery information in both the portal and in Workday once per academic quarter or more frequently as necessary.

  • Stipend payments are paid through or Workday.
  • Emergency assistance, loan refunds, and student account refunds are paid through