Job offer negotiation is the process through which employers and prospective employees work together to establish a mutually agreeable hiring package. Negotiation is about more than the salary you receive, though salary levels are often at the center of negotiation conversations. Negotiation is expected and welcome in most US hiring contexts; no matter how anxious you are to land a job, you do not have to accept the first offer that an organization makes.

For negotiation advice personalized to your situation, please make an appointment with a UChicagoGRAD career advisor. Negotiation norms vary by industry and organization, and your advisor can help you get a sense of what might be “on the table” when it comes to your job offer. Your advisor can also coach you on how to hold a successful negotiation conversation.

Want to learn more about negotiation? View the “Career 30: Negotiation Best Practices” video tutorial in the GRAD Gargoyle Content Library.

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