Career development depends upon making meaningful connections with others. Whether you want to learn about a career path, improve your job materials, or identify job openings, the best move is often to network with those already working in a given field. UChicagoGRAD offers resources and events that help you forge connections with alumni and employers. Meet with a career advisor to help you create a successful outreach strategy.

Connecting with alumni made easy with Wisr!

UChicago’s Alumni Association has officially launched Wisr, a new platform that makes it easy for graduate students and postdocs to reach out to UChicago alumni to expand your network and ask career advice. We currently have thousands of UChicago alumni across all divisions, industries and geographies interested in being a resource for you.

Wisr lets you search for mentors by location, company, industry and discipline and manages the scheduling for phone calls or text-based chat. If you’ve signed up before, now is a great time to check back in for new updates and features including:

  • Communities: Students, postdocs, and alumni who share a meaningful affinity or interest can start discussions, schedule events, share files, and connect even more easily.
  • How-to-Help: Alumni are now asked to choose how exactly they are willing to help students and postdocs (e.g., conducting mock interview, advising on industries, internships, resume review) making it easier for you to get the help you are looking for.


Start connecting today!

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Improve your networking skills

Networking is about making real connections with other professionals who can help you in your career.

In our Introduction to Networking, we give you the step-by-step tactics you need to:

  • Prepare for a networking event
  • Become more comfortable at networking events
  • Become an active listener
  • Turn small talk into meaningful conversations
  • Give a compelling pitch
  • Maintain connections and build relationships

Three Keys to Successful Networking

  • Be helpful – provide relevant information, articles, introductions, and advice
  • Follow up and maintain the connection
  • Don’t ask for a job

Schedule an Advising Appointment

Have you read the Guide to Networking? Want to learn more?

It might be time to schedule an advising appointment. During our advising session, we’ll give you personalized guidance for improving your networking skills.

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Additional Resources

What are Informational Interviews?

An informational interview is a chance for you to learn about a person with an interesting job, a desirable career path, and shared academic or professional interests. Our Informational Interview Guide provides an introduction to the basics of informational interviews as a key to your networking success.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

Want to learn more about how to get the most out of informational interviews? Schedule an advising appointment today with a UChicagoGRAD career advisor!

During our advising appointment, we’ll give you personalized guidance for successful informational interviews.

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Strengthen your LinkedIn profile

UChicagoGRAD can help you get the most out of LinkedIn. Schedule an advising appointment with a UChicagoGRAD career advisor to learn how to:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Build & maintain relationships
  • Leverage your LinkedIn network & job search


Also - check out a recent LinkedIn Workshop Presentation

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