Expectations for Graduate Students and Postdocs

Employers and alumni who are recruiting on UChicago’s campus are making an investment of time and resources. It is important that you maintain integrity when engaging with these employers and alumni and honor any commitments you make. This is true whether you are submitting applications materials through GRAD Gargoyle; applying for jobs on employers’ websites; participating¬†in company information sessions, coffee chats, and networking events; and interacting with alumni, staff, and employer representatives.

Additionally, UChicagoGRAD expects that you will attend programs and recruitment events for which you have signed up or have been selected, such as information sessions, on campus interviews, treks, job shadowing experiences, and workshops. Failure to attend an event or program, especially one for which capacity is limited, reflects poorly on the University and may result in loss of participation privileges for future UChicagoGRAD career events and activities.



You are expected to attend interviews for which you have been selected. Late cancellation or missing a scheduled interview takes away opportunities from your peers and is a violation of professional conduct. Failure to attend an interview without appropriate notice (see below) will result in temporary suspension from on-campus recruiting resources for the first offense and permanent account deactivation for repeated offenses.

  • Cancellations of interviews scheduled through GRAD Gargoyle OR an external platform as part of a process facilitated by UChicagoGRAD must be made 48 hours prior to the interview.
  • If you must cancel an interview after sign-ups have closed, if you cannot attend due to an emergency that arises after the 48-hour cancellation window, or if you have accepted another offer, please contact UChicagoGRAD (773.834.2093) immediately and ask to speak to Employer Relations.



Verbal or written acceptance of a job or internship offer is considered a commitment in good faith. Once you have accepted a job or internship offer, promptly withdraw your applications from all other positions and courteously decline other offers. Reneging on an accepted offer or continuing to interview after you have accepted a job or internship may result in permanent loss of on-campus recruiting privileges.

  • Beginning at the start of Fall Quarter, if you have accepted a summer internship offer or a full-time offer for after graduation, you agree that you will no longer participate in recruiting processes with other organizations for a summer internship or full-time role, respectively.
  • UChicagoGRAD asks employers to give students and postdocs a minimum of 1 week to respond to all job and internship offers.
  • For return offers made during the summer quarter, employers are asked to give students and postdocs until November 1st to respond.


If you are a student or postdoc and have questions about any part of the recruiting process, please consult with your UChicagoGRAD career advisor.

If you are an employer and have questions about recruiting University of Chicago graduate students and postdocs, please contact Kathrin Kranz, Director, Experiential Education and Outreach.