Applicants for whom a recent natural disaster or other major, widespread disruption has affected their ability to complete an application may submit a Hardship Request as described below.

If the impact of the incident or disruption makes it impossible for you to submit your application, or one or more required components – such as GRE scores or transcripts – by the deadline, or for a recommender to submit their recommendation on time, please complete your application to the best of your ability and then submit a formal hardship request here.

Please note that the University of Chicago is not waiving application requirements based on hardship. We are providing applicants a mechanism by which to still be able to submit their application and have their hardship considered by the admissions committee. Submission of the form and processing by our office does not imply that the requirement has been waived for admissions purposes. Programs may choose not to review an application if the missing item – a test score, transcript, or other item – is considered essential to the review process. You should continue to make every effort to supply the missing material(s) as soon as possible to ensure that your application is considered complete. If you are offered admission in spite of a missing application requirement, in most cases you will be required to either provide the missing component when conditions make it permissible or meet the requirement in an alternative fashion.

If you have further questions about Hardship Requests, please email us at