Professional Advancement and Training for Humanities Scholars

PATHS (Professional Advancement and Training for Humanities Scholars) is an NEH-funded initiative that prepares UChicago Ph.D. students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences to make an impact in the world. PATHS programs and resources help participants chart a course for their professional training toward meaningful careers in academia, industry, nonprofits, and government.

Implemented by UChicagoGRAD, PATHS features workshops, internship opportunities, conversations with alumni, career advising, fellowship advising, writing advising, oral communications advising, and training in the public and digital humanities—all tailored to the needs of humanities Ph.D. students. Past programs have included a “Publishing in Popular Media Outlets” workshop, a “Digital Literacy for Humanists” mini course, and a “Career Conversation” with professionals working in academic publishing.

To take full advantage of the PATHS program, students should request to be added to the PATHS email list, by emailing your name and department to