GRADUCon is the university’s annual spring career conference for graduate students, postdocs, and recent graduate/postdoc alumni. The event features a full day of distinguished guest speakers, panel discussions, and informal networking sessions.

GRADUCon 2020 was held on Friday, April 3rd, 2020.

Information for GRADUCon 2021 coming soon!

GRADUCon has several central objectives:

  • Empower graduate students and postdocs in their career search by helping to identify the transferable skills that they are developing in the course of their academic work
  • Provide concrete takeaways from the event, giving graduate students and postdocs specific next steps in their job search and a clearer vision of their career trajectory
  • Foster cross-disciplinary and cross-program conversations about various job markets and career skills
  • Connect graduate students and postdocs with advanced-degree alumni

Please see below for more information regarding upcoming and past GRADUCon schedules and panel details.

Graducon 2019 at I-House Panel discussion: Careers in Consulting Moderator Pam Schilling, left to right, Anna Chen, Karen Wasserman, Andrew Kirkley, Brittany Hayden. (photo by Anne Ryan)